NASA’s Hammer Spacecraft aiming to divert asteroid from hitting our planet
Turmeric Latte Gains Popularity among Millennial Generation
Missing Doctor wasn’t snubbed over promotion: CDC
Muscle Loss during Old Age Linked to Changes in Nervous System
Jill Tarter: Possibility of finding Alien Life by the end of this century

Astronomer Jill Tarter believes that by the end of this century, we will be able to find alien life. Tarter made the statement during a speech at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Cross Cultural Management summit.

Sleeping like a Victorian Could Improve Sleep Quality: Dr. Michael Mosley

A recently published report by Dr. Michael Mosley on Daily Mail suggests that Victorian sleep technique could help in getting the required amount of sound sleep.

Researchers testing new Weight Loss Technique by Freezing “Hunger Nerve”

By freezing posterior vagal trunk, a nerve that sends signals related to hunger to our brain, researchers are testing a new technique to keep weight under check. Weight loss by using this technique will be less invasive compared to other surgical treatment options.

NASA aiming at April 16 Launch for Next Planet-Hunting Spacecraft

NASA is planning to launch its next planet hunting spacecraft on April 16. The spacecraft will liftoff on SpaceX Flacon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. NASA has planned media event on March 28 to provide more information about the mission.

Ancient Oceans on Mars Could Have Formed After Massive Volcanic Eruptions: Research

The shallow oceans on Mars could have formed due to massive volcanic eruptions on the Red Planet in the past, suggests a new research paper released by University of California, Berkeley researchers.

Fasting Diet Improves Cardiovascular Health: University of Surrey Research

Fasting diet can improve heart health over long term and also keeps blood pressure under check, as per a new study conducted in the United Kingdom by University of Surrey research team.