Research team finds Pumas exhibiting behaviors like social animals
Rising Obesity putting additional pressure on Healthcare system
FDA confirms positive impact of Spark Therapeutics gene therapy on vision
Surgical Super Glue Can Seal Cuts Within Seconds
Ozone Holes Shrinks to its Lowest Level Since 1988

Ozone hole has reduced to its lowest size since year 1988, as per a new review published by NASA. The ozone layer above Antarctica was badly impacted due to environmental changes and the recent shrinkage has been attributed to warmer-than-usual weather conditions.

Insomnia could raise Risk of Kidney Disease

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis has linked insomnia with decline in kidney function. The study team checked medical records and kidney health among United States veterans.

Drug overdose deaths rise by 21 percent in 2016: CDC

Drug overdose related deaths increased by 21 percent across the United States, as per the latest report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC report informed that 20 people on an average died for every 100,000 Americans in year 2016.

Regular Red Wine Boosts Fertility Among Women: Research

Regular consumption of red wine has been linked to many health benefits in the past. A new research has now linked regular red wine consumption to better fertility among women.

Atomic-level images reveal the reason behind exploding batteries

A research project aiming to find the reason behind exploding batteries has analyzed atomic-level images of dendrites. The research team noted that these dendrites are capable of penetrating the battery compartments and this process fails the battery.

Too much exercise can raise early death risk: Study

Exercise for extended periods on a regular basis can raise the risk of heart disease, as per a new study. A research team in Chicago compared heart disease rate among men with moderate exercise to those engaging in increased workout schedules.