10 Habitable Exoplanets Listed by Astronomers after reviewing Kepler Space Telescope data
SpaceX launches first Bulgarian Satellite  Bulgariasat-1
Images of Deformed Lamb Born in South Africa Go Viral
Kepler Finds 219 Exoplanets and 10 out of them could be habitable: NASA
Japan’s zero-gravity space camera drone sends first images from ISS

The JAXA Tsukuba Space Center of Japan has just announced the release of the very first images taken by a space drone that is operating on the International Space Station (ISS).

Concert Pharmaceuticals receives FDA Green Signal for Hair Loss Drug

The U.S. FDA has lifted clinical hold on Concert Pharmaceuticals’ trial for a hair loss drug. The company informed that FDA has lifted clinical hold on the treatment for alopecia areata. The trial was put on hold by FDA in May this year.

Privately-owned U.S. firm plans to land spacecraft on Moon

A privately-owned U.S.-based firm has announced its plan to use robotic technology to launch a series of commercial missions to Earth’s only natural satellite - the Moon.

Massive Iceberg breaks loose in Antarctic region

After several months of widening of the rift, one of the largest ever recorded icebergs has finally broken away from Antarctica, scientists announced on Wednesday.

US Ranks Low in Physical Activity Data: Research

A new study conducted by Stanford University researchers using smartphone data has suggested that people in China are among those who move the most while physical activity is low in the United States and Canada. The research team checked records for nearly 700,000 individuals from 46 countries.

China Stars 200-day Self-sustaining Space Station Experiment

Chinese researchers have started 200-day self-sustaining project under name Lunar Palace I. Four students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics will be staying for 200 days under conditions similar to those in space.